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i will weep if i can’t go to italy this summer

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Some ducks because you are sad

thank you they are adorable you’re fab uwu


Leaving Yosemite (by marschp)

And what annoys me the most is the way the world precieves Islam.
Women in Islam, as soon as those words are said you think degraded, neglected, devalued. Why? Because you see pictures of Saudi Arabia. All those poor women are wearing those covers, while men can go out in shorts. Degrading right? Demeaning, disgusting. No. Because 9/10 of rape victims are female. Islam wants to protect their women. Of course, time has changed, and we understand women can protect themselves. They can. They would. But when those rules were made, they didn’t and they couldn’t. When those rules were made, those powerful women never spoke out, so to protect their women, they told them to wear covers. This was made to protect. Not degrade. The Quraan itself tells us to treat women fairly.

Another example is marriage. In Islam, a man can marry up to 4 wives. Wow, you think . Players. You think they treat women like dogs, right? The Quraan was sent down 609 CE. From that time on, women all around the world had gained rights. But at that time, women couldn’t support themselves. They couldn’t work. And don’t you say “well, that proves my point ” because it doesn’t. They couldn’t work all around the world. The men did not marry for love, they married to share their money, with women that couldnt work. They were protecting them, sheltering them. Now. We don’t need protecting. But you see, all those “sexist” rules were made under good intentions, in favor of the women. What I, and countless other Muslims think is that us Muslims should take Islam and make it modern. No, not change the entire Quraan. But women have now proven themselves worthy, they should get rights.In Muslim countries, they don’t. This is not the problem of Islam, but of certain Muslims.
Let me get this straight. Some Muslims are sexist, some Muslims are you closed minded. But so are some Christians, some buddists,some atheists, you name it. But that doesn’t mean the religion is sexist. Or closeminded. We are ashamed of Muslim terrorists, and no matter how much they claim what they are doing is for Allah, Allah would be ashamed as well. But Islam doesn’t say what everyone thinks it says. Islam is not destructive, sexist, closeminded. There are Muslims like that, Yes. But that, is not Islam. so it makes me want to scream when people give me the dirty look when I say I’m Muslim. Yes. I am a Muslim female . But I am not a terrorist. I will not be degraded by men. A religion should never be judged by those handful of destructive people, claiming this is what God wants. It should be judged on what it says, what it believes in. So next time, say whatever you want about certain Muslims, but dont you dare say anything about Islam. We have flaws. The religion doesnt.

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I hope you fall in love with someone who makes you fall in love with the entire world

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